I have lived and worked in Deception Bay for nearly 30 years and couldn’t think of anywhere else in Brisbane I would rather live. I love my work as a teacher at the local school and the great people that I meet in the area.

Like many of the locals I can be found walking my dog along the foreshore most mornings. It is here where we get to know each other even if it is just to say Hi as we walk by. Over the years I have seen people reach out to others who are not doing so well.  This is what it means to live in a real community. And the wonderful thing too, is that by reaching out to others we not only help improve their lives, but you feel great too!

One such person was a lovely ex-service man who I first chanced upon in my regular walks around the area. He (name not disclosed) was living it rough in his only and most valuable procession, his car. I made a point to stop and chat and to get to know him better which he really appreciated. I drove him one day to the Deception Bay Neighbourhood Centre so he could see where it was located if he ever wanted to drop in, but he preferred that RSL Qld support him which I respected.

There was another gentleman who was also living it rough who I chatted to regularly. Over time I earnt his trust and asked if he was wanting to find somewhere more secure to live. He did so I suggested he come with me to the Centre to see if they could help him find somewhere to live in the area. They were a terrific help and found him a housing department unit which for him was like living in a mansion.  I even had him over for dinner on a few occasions which I know he was very grateful for and made life just that little bit easier. It took some time for him to feel safe in his new home but once he settled in, I was able to support him with the set-up of his garden which he was very proud of.

These are two examples of what happens when we watch out for others and do what we can to make life easier for those who are less fortunate than ourselves.

It is also a lesson in not judging people and not being afraid to start the ‘are you OK? conversation, which I think most people at DBay are really good at doing.